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Must wear motorcycle gears for beginning riders

Passionate about motorcycles? Beware; crashes are fairly common among new riders — especially in the first months of riding. In any crash, you have a far better chance of avoiding large injuries if you wear motorcycle apparel with body armour.

When you heading out for first motorcycle ride, your motorcycle gear is “best” if it protects you and looks stylish as well.

Dainese Motorcycle clothing UK

Dainese Motorcycle clothing UK

During cold or wet weather, Dainese motorcycle clothing can help you keep warm and dry, as well as protect you from injury. It becomes difficult to control a motorcycle well if you are numb from the cold, and riding for a long period in cold weather can cause severe coldness and fatigue. A Dainese Super Speed Textile jacket can resist wind and fits snugly at the neck, wrists and waist. Hi-tech leather suits designed for motorcycle riding prevent tearing apart/ballooning up at high speeds. dainese gloves uk
Motorcycle gloves allow a better grip and can help protect your hands in a crash. Your gloves should be made of leather or similar durable fabric. Explore the largest selection of Dainese Gloves the Moda2Ride has for you. Developed using the latest in innovation and technology, Dainese gloves provide unparallelled protection and comfort.
Motorcycle Jackets and pants must cover you completely to protect your arms and legs, and they must also fit snugly enough to keep from flapping in the wind while riding on high speed.
GORE-TEX® laminated leathers offer the most high tech protection. Sturdy CORDURA® comfort fabric provides a lot of protection as well.
Wear a textile jacket/trouser even in hot days ahead to prevent dehydration. Dainese Textile suits are designed to protect without getting you overheated, even on summer days.
Dainese body armour

Dainese body armour

I personally recommend to go for jackets and pants with rigid “body armour” inserts in vital areas for additional protection.

If you are looking to buy Dainese motorcycle clothing? Visit the UK’s main dealer Moda2Ride online, get all Dainese gear at the lowest prices.

Finding the Right Insurance For Your Suzuki Bike

motorbike insurance and protection

Protect your Suzuki motorbike… or else!

Motorcycles aren’t all made the same, and the same principle applies to motorcycle insurance. Suzuki bikes aren’t the same as Hondas or Harleys, and the various Suzuki models aren’t the same as each other either. Obviously, a Hayabusa GSX1300R isn’t the same bike like a Bandit 650, along with a DR-Z125 is vastly not the same as a Burgman 400 Scooter. Continue reading